In our ever changing world, being able to properly identify an applicant to if he or she has a criminal history with disqualifying offenses has become a workplace necessity due to the sensitive nature of some positions.  More and more businesses and government agencies are requiring that their applicants have a digital fingerprint background screening that is processed through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  A digital fingerprint query is much more reliable than a simple name or social security search, and the digital screening results are available within days versus paper prints which can take 4-6 weeks.

However, while fingerprinting is a superior background screening method to the alternatives, the process can be somewhat difficult and complicated.  There are very few reliable entities that offer digital fingerprinting in on the west coast of Florida, and those that do are corporately managed by out of state entities, have poor customer service, and use inflexible appointment times.

Florida Fingerprinting changes all that.   We are open Monday through Friday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., with flexible appointment times and even accept walk-ins. We also have mobile services available for larger groups or individuals that prefer to be scanned on site. Our offices are positioned in convenient locations, offer ample parking, and have clean professional environments with friendly courteous staff.  Our exemplary customer service and reasonable rates make the best choice for your digital fingerprinting needs.