Scans range from $44.00 to $88.00, and vary based on the Submission ORI number.  There are hundreds of different ORI numbers and many many different rates, which makes it impossible for us to list all of the specific pricing on our website.  However, as long as you have your ORI number, you can quickly and easily determine the exact cost of your scan.

FDLE Background Fee (rounded up) + Office Processing Fee + Sales Tax = Total Cost


See below for further explanation:

Office Processing Fee Portion:  Sarasota Live Scan charges $26 (regardless of the type of scan) to capture your prints and photo (if applicable), and submit them to the State of Florida for processing by the FBI.  We offer a $3 discount for using cash or a business check (no personal checks), in lieu of a Visa or Mastercard. DOES NOT INCLUDE SALES TAX.

FDLE Background Check Fee Portion:  The Florida Department of Law Enforcement fee structure varies depending on the ORI number that the applicant is being processed for. Please remember that we round up from the price listed on their site to the nearest dollar.  This portion IS NOT SUBJECT TO SALES TAX.  Use the following link to look up the State’s background check fee:

FDLE Pricing Lookup

(Make sure your browser settings allow for a new tab to open)

Sales Tax: Florida Law requires that we collect sales tax (7%) on the office submission fee. The FDLE background fee is not taxable.

Example 1:

If you were being processed for ORI number EAHCA020Z and used a credit card, your total cost would be $87.82.  $60.00 for the state’s background check fee, plus $26 for our processing fee, plus sales tax of $1.82 equals $87.82

Example 2: 

If you were being processed for ORI number FL737111Z and used cash, your total cost would be $48.61.  $24.00 for the state’s background check fee, plus $23 for our processing fee (cash discount), plus $1.61 in sales tax equals $48.61.